Team IT Hunters

IT Hunters Team consists of experienced professionals from both IT & HR Industry who administer pre-screening and pre-qualification interviews among the applicants to ensure that we shortlist only the best qualified candidates for your final approval. Our system on selection and short listing ensure that we shortlist only the best possible candidate/s for the job, amenable to your salary offer, and willing to relocate to your country of operations.


With our dedicated Team of IT & HR experts, we are focused in providing resources of IT & Telecom only. Our experts understand your complex IT needs & identifies ideal IT professionals that can be productive from next day.


You only deal with qualified, well informed, and motivated candidates, not selected by a computer, but by experienced IT & staffing professionals who ensure that selection is based on more than just how good the individual looks on paper.














Our Method


Expertise Delivered

- System & Storage Admin
- PM & Developer
- Network & Security Eng