We start our Hunt, firstly by understanding your requirement, organizational culture & specially your IT environment. Then we draw up a list of target companies with similar environment where we feel the most suitable candidates will be found so that they can be productive from next day.

We maintain a database of highly qualified IT & Telecom candidates & IT environments of companies which enable us find similar candidate in very short time.  We also attract candidates by posting Ads on paid job sites, newspaper, social networking sites, groups & specially our links in the Industry.


We identify the relevant individuals within the list of companies. After Identifying candidates our team of IT & HR experts starts hunting them down (shortlists them). We do this by applying different techniques & filters to shortlist the identified candidates which involves personal interviews, technical written tests, IQ, behavioral & language tests etc.


After short listing candidates, we forward the best candidates to our customers for final review. We screen and pre-screen each and every candidate before we submit to our clients – ensuring that each candidate fits the job description 100% and has the technical skills, communication skills, and the cultural attitude to “fit in” with your company.






Expertise Delivered
- System & Storage Admin

- PM & Developer

- Network & Security Eng
Our Team

We have a Unique combination of expertise. Our Team is composed of Experienced Professionals from both IT & HR industry.